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We are committed to ensuring our event is accessible for everyone attending. Our application form for accessibility will close Friday 4th August. We close the application form a few weeks before the event to ensure the access team have enough time to process and accommodate all requests.

Access form for NEW ORDER HERE

Access form for BLOSSOMS HERE

If you have any queries or questions please email


Access form for NEW ORDER HERE

Access form for BLOSSOMS HERE

We provide a 2:1 ticket scheme for individuals who would be unable to attend our events without bringing a personal assistant. Once you have bought a full price ticket, please fill in the access requirement form and provide us with documentation in order to receive your personal assistant ticket.

Please Note: Personal assistant tickets come at no extra charge. Please do not buy a ticket for your personal assistant as these tickets will not be refunded.

Before applying for a personal assistant ticket, please make sure you have one of the following forms of evidence available to support your application.

- Access Card with the +1 symbol (for a 2 for 1 ticket)
- DLA/PIP or equivalent  (dated within the last 12 months)
- Medical Professionals letter – reviewed case by case
- Deaf or blind registration
- Nimbus Access Card
- Both sides of your blue badge – only accepted as evidence for Disabled parking
- A letter from a doctor or other medical professional confirming you could not attend the festival alone (for 2 for 1 ticket) and/or have a disability or medical condition that requires you to use the car park (for vehicle passes).

These documents will need to be sent over alongside evidence of your ticket. All documents sent, will be kept securely and destroyed after the applications have been processed.

Your application may take up to 4 weeks to process, you will be sent an email confirmation. Your PA ticket will need to be printed off and brought with you to the event.

Access parking is available, you will need to bring your blue badge or request accessible parking via the event access form, which is available above.

Entrance to the car park will be via the car park entrance on Altrincham Road, W3W ///free.hosts.amount, please follow the yellow event signage

If you have any questions, please email

This concert arena is all grass. The ground is relatively flat, however please be prepared if the weather is wet, or if there has been an excess of rain in the days leading up to the festival, the conditions are likely to become very muddy. There are no areas with hardstanding.
Please note it is not the organiser’s responsibility to assist your navigation across site.

If approved beforehand, you will be issued with a viewing platform or viewing area wristband and PA lanyard at the Access Reception. This will allow a PA or one friend to accompany you to the platform/area. 

This lanyard can be transferred between people should you have several people within your group.

Admittance into the area will only be given to those wearing the correct wristband or in possession of an access lanyard. 

We ask that customers using the viewing platform/area be respectful to other platform users and the stewards managing them. Any customers found to be disregarding these requests will be removed by security.

Please note that if the platform becomes very busy, priority will be given to access customers and PA will be requested to leave the platform/area.

We have several accessible toilets around the site. These are located:

  • In all toilet blocks
  • At the viewing platform/area
  • Access reception
  • Medical tents

These are for the exclusive use of access customers. Some access toilets that are not within the viewing platform will all have a code lock which you will need to collect from the Access Reception. It is the access customers' responsibility to put the combination padlock back onto the toilet door, failure to do so will enable non-accessible customers to use the toilets.

If you require prescriptive medication with you, please ensure that this is sealed in a clear polythene bag as it may need to be inspected upon arrival. Please understand that we have a duty of care for all customers at the event therefore searches will be put in place for everyone’s safety.

There is a lockable fridge available at the medical centre for any medication that requires refrigeration. This must be pre-arranged by requesting it on the access form, available at the top of this page. 

You will also be asked to sign a disclaimer form stating that you understand this. Please bring some form of ID with you as we will only be able to hand medication back to the named person or their PA.